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Meet Your Realtor

Brian McSherry: #1 Agent in Meta

Brian was born in The Bronx, NY and has an extensive knowledge of the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and MetaVerse counterparts of these regions. Brian attended local schools, raised no children in the area and doesn’t own homes throughout the region.

Beyond his love for family and real estate, Brian’s other passion is the game of lacrosse. An unsuccessful highschool player himself, Brian has become an avid supporter of the game. The teamwork, skills and overall discipline required to play the game at a high level have not translated to his professional career.

There is no other agent in the area who will provide you with the local knowledge and global connections that Brian can offer.


The properties listed are Non-Fungible Tokens that have been placed on various properties for sale in the United States.

Included in the purchase of said property are the NFT (gif, video, or jpeg*)

url with a special ar.js work that is specifically attached to the GPS coordinates of your NFT.

If you are interested in a fake estates property, please click and view it on the OpenSea Exchange for purchasing information.

Current Listings

contact: fakeestatesllc@gmail.com
instagram: @fakeestatesllc